Room Service is the most prolific content agency in Mexico City. Founded in 2010, we 've been developing, supervising and writing content for the last 10 years through a talented team of 20-plus writers and Head Writers.

Room Service has written over 1,000 hours of TV content, as well as branded content, documentaries, entertainment and feature films. Our projects have aired on all Mexican, Latin American and US Hispanic networks, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Quibi, Televisa, TV Azteca, Univision, Telemundo, Fox Networks Latin America, Sony Pictures Entertainment, TNT Latin America, and MTV. We have worked with a lot of different production companies, mainly Argos Comunicación, Sony Pictures Television, Viacom International, Televisa, TV Azteca and Fox Networks.

For TV, we have written primetime series like Tijuana (Netflix Original), Dani Who (Viacom International Studios / Amazon Prime Video), the three seasons of wrestling drama Blue Demon (for Sony and Televisa), the three seasons of XY for national network Canal Once, El Dandy (a spanish language adaptation of Donnie Brasco for Sony and TNT), Dos Lunas (for Fox Networks), Diablo Guardián (Televisa), miniseries La Teniente and Drenaje Profundo (TV Azteca), the development for Netflix Original series Ingobernable, and a dozen of daily primetime soaps, biographical and action series, including Los Elegidos, Paquita la del barrio, Camelia la Tejana, Bienvenida Realidad, Fortuna, and El Octavo Mandamiento. We have also made branded content for clients like AT&T and Coca-Cola.

On film, our partners and collaborators have written a dozen feature films that include This is not Berlín (Official Selection- Sundance 2019), Los bañistas (Open Cage), Bruma, and Depositarios.